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We have created a unique and ISO 14067 certified ‘Carbon Tracking Tool’ to be used by all IPPAG members: to calculate the carbon emissions related to the products that we propose and sell.

Our members companies then use this data and its interpretation to demonstrate impact / compare solutions and optimize choices / reduce overall emissions / and compensate as applicable via local schemes.


Through meticulous calculations: we are accountable and responsible for our emissions…

We are « on track » towards a lower carbon impact.

For IPPAG and its member companies:

Sustainability is about making better choices:

One product at a time… Day by day… Action by action… Choice by choice…

By making BETTER product choices, and continually improving our supply chain:
We are « on track » towards a more Sustainable Promotional Items Industry


In parallel, we offer educational booklets intended to carry our message and to Inform / Rethink / Inspire / and Educate concerning  sustainability…

To help you to be “on track” with sustainable, effective and purpose driven promotional campaigns


Find out more and join the movement here

The goal is clear : IPPAG and its member companies are « on track »


A few words on the chosen methodology

Life cycle analysis (LCA) is a method that aims to assess the environmental impact of a product through its life cycle, going from extraction, transformation, production, packing, shipping and use to end of life.

For each step, CO2 emissions will be calculated.

The tool then takes into account: The product's subcategory / its country of origin and destination / how it is transported / its gross weight / its materials / its packaging


Please Contact to find out more and how 

this could be used to help your company get « on track »

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